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The Railglider

The Railius Railglider is more versatile than any product that has come before it. 


The Railglider is offered in three different yet similar versions. The single rail version has ultimate flexibility with the ability to turn corners and change grade from 15 degrees to 85 degrees - all while maintaining a smooth ride between landings at up to 1 meter per second. 


The Twin rail Railglider is the big brother of the single rail Railglider with 600kg of capacity and traveling at up to 1.5m/s both up and down an incline. Options include custom car sizing, automatic doors, touch screen displays amongst many more. 

Single Rail Straight Top View.png
Compact Twin Straight Top View.png
Double Rail Straight Top View.png

Single Rail

Compact Twin Rail


Twin Rail

The Single Rail Railglider by Railius offers complete flexibility for your application. 

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The New Compact Twin Rail Railglider gives greater stability, speed and comfort for the user. A game-changer in the market, The Compact Twin is everything an Inclined lift should be.

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Designed for larger capacity applications, the Twin Rail Railglider by Railius brings access to properties where others simply cannot. 

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Single Rail Graphic_V2.0-01.png

Single Rail

Rail Dimensions



Max Stops

200x100x5mm RHS

300kg / 4 ppl

0.5 m/s


Twin Rail Graphic_V2.0-01.png

Compact Twin Rail

Rail Dimensions



Max Stops

2x 150x50x5mm RHS

400kg / 5 ppl

0.65 m/s


Double Rail Graphic_V2.0-01.png

Twin Rail

Rail Dimensions



Max Stops

2x 200x100x5mm RHS

600kg / 8 ppl

1 m/s


Your Questions Answered

Service / Warranty

Your Railglider is warranted for Parts for 2 years and labour for 1 year.

Servicing intervals are 12 months for standard use. For increased use, we recommend 6 monthly service intervals



Colours & Variations


Your Railglider Car and landings are all customisable. We pride ourselves on the ability for your Railglider to fit in perfectly with your home.

Emergency Callout

In the very unlikely event that your Railglider encounters a problem, we are available 24/7 in an emergency. 

Have you got an Idea?

We are very confident that one of our products can help you access your lifestyle however if there is a unique application that we have not mentioned, please contact us. We focus on tough and unique applications and we are sure that we can help you.

Civil / Construction Work

We only use approved civil contractors for all work associated with the installation of your Railglider. 

Measuring & Quoting


We will work with your team to build your Railglider to the specification you require. At all times we will work for the customer and ensure the product is perfect for the application.  

Power Consumption


Your Railglider is a high powered machine however many Railglider applications require just a single-phase connection. The car controls use low voltage to ensure your Railglider uses as little power as possible when not moving.



Each and every Railglider application is different so lead and installation times vary on each job. To have your Railglider working for you as soon as possible, we offer a turn-key approach, taking all the hassles away and handling the whole project.

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