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The New AdaptaRail Railglider

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The AdaptaRail Railglider

No DA Required*

Upgrade Your Exisiting Inclinator without removing the rail

The AdaptaRail Railglider is a revolutionary inclined lift system designed to upgrade and transform existing inclinator installations. 

We do this by removing all old Inclinator componentry, including the car, gear system, dolly, and grease before refurbishing the rail with a new coat of paint and protection. 

By attaching a new rail to the newly refurbished rail system, we provide a clean, smooth and quiet surface for your new AdaptaRail Railglider to run on. 

Some additional advantages of the AdaptaRail Railglider are:


1. Advanced Drive System: The Railglider is equipped with a state-of-the-art drive system, providing smoother and faster ascents and descents compared to traditional inclinators. This results in a more efficient and enjoyable ride.


2. Sleek, Modern Design: Its design is a blend of modern aesthetics and practical functionality. The sleek, streamlined carriages are not only visually appealing but also engineered for optimal space utilization and comfort.


3. Enhanced Safety Features: Safety is paramount with the Railglider. It includes advanced safety mechanisms like emergency brakes, secure door locking systems, and redundant safety backups, ensuring a safe experience in all conditions.


4. Eco-Friendly Operation: The Railglider prioritizes environmental sustainability. It employs energy-efficient motors, significantly reducing its carbon footprint and operating costs.


5. Easy Installation and Maintenance: This lift system is designed for seamless integration with existing inclinator tracks, minimizing installation time and disruption. Its maintenance is straightforward, ensuring long-term reliability and reduced upkeep expenses.


6. Customizable Options: The Railglider offers a range of customization options, from carriage size and design to control panel features, allowing it to be tailored to specific requirements and aesthetics.


7. Quiet Operation: One of its most notable features is its exceptionally quiet operation, making it an ideal choice for residential and sensitive environments where noise reduction is crucial.


8. Adaptive Control System: The Railglider's control system is intuitive and user-friendly, with options for remote operation and integration with smart home systems for added convenience.


9. Robust Capacity and Versatility: Designed to handle a variety of load requirements, the Railglider is versatile enough for both residential and commercial applications, accommodating different passenger and freight needs.


10. Reliable Customer Support: Railius provides dedicated customer support and service, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed and that your Railglider continues to operate in all conditions.


In summary, the AdaptaRail Railglider represents a significant leap in inclined lift technology, offering a perfect blend of style, safety, efficiency, and convenience. It stands out as the best option for those looking to upgrade their old inclinators to a more advanced, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing system.

* Subject to Local Authority Confirmation where applicable

- Photos / Renders of Possible Rail Cars. - Single Rail Application

AdaptaRail Applications


Looking at the lift from above, the inline application is the most common. In most cases, a straight line can be found between multiple stations.

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The Straight Inline application is the simplest especially when no curves are involved. Travelling faster and smother than any product on the market, the Straight Inline application of the Railglider is the best way to access your lifestyle.

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