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  • What is a Railglider?
    A Railglider people to access those parts without the use of stairs.
  • Where can a Railglider be installed?
    Anywhere. The versatility of a Railglider is that there is an option for almost all applications. We recommend a site visit by a Railius team member to see what is possible at your property.
  • What is the maximum travel distance?
    As long as you require. To date, our longest installation is approx. 150m but we are sure that although the longer the travel the more complex the job, we are far from the maximum travel of a Railglider.
  • How many people can a Railglider carry?
    The Railglider can carry 3 people or 250kg, The Railglider XL can carry up to 6 people or 450kg
  • What is the usual installation time?
    Installation time varies dramatically depending on the complexity of the project. It is recommended that a Railius team member visits your property to give you a rough outline of the installation time and project length.
  • Will I get wet if it rains?
    No. We offer all our Railglider with an enclosed car. This is optional and one of the main customisable parts of a Railius Lift.
  • Can I use a Railglider in a wheelchair?
    Yes. For this option, we recommend a Railglider XL
  • Does Railius manage the project for us?
    Yes. Railius will work with the owner of the property to manage the project so that it moves along as quickly as possible. It is very important that the Railius team have access to the property for such works as: Site assessments, surveys, taking measurements, installation, commissioning. We will work closely with the property owner to make the process of installing the Railglider as smoothly as possible.
  • What is the maximum gradient that a Railglider can travel?
    85 degrees with a maximum change of gradient of 45 degrees at one time.
  • What is the minimum gradient that a Railglider can travel?
    We are in the process of developing a Railglider addition that will allow our lifts to travel on the Horizontal. Until this is tested thoroughly, the minimum is 12 degrees.
  • What is the service life of a Railglider?
    A long time. We are yet to have to replace any major components on a Railglider but all parts are designed with a service life of over 10 years.
  • What parts of my home / property can I access with a Railglider?
    All parts. With Railgliders unique turning and self levelling functions, there is yet to be a part of a property that we cannot access.
  • What is the size of a Railglider?
    Railglider's vary in size. The Railgliger is designed as a smaller, more flexible design whilst the Railglider XL is designed to move more people over longer distances and is therefore larger.
  • How much power does a Railglider consume?
    This varies. This depends on the length of travel and the size of the lift. The motors in Railglider's vary from 3kw to 10kw.
  • What happens if there is a power cut while using a Railglider?
    We recommend that if this is a concern, you add to your lift a feature called Raildrive. This allows a number of additional features one of which includes battery back up. This will allow your lift to move to a landing of your choosing and exit the lift.
  • Does the installation of a Railglider require council permissions?
    In most cases yes. Our project management team will help with this process
  • What if my Railglider begins to travel too fast?
    All Railglider's have an over speed governor device attached to the carriage. This will stop the lift if the lift begins to move too quickly.
  • Are the controls of a Railglider difficult to operate?
    No. The controls are all easy to operate and depending on your options selected, they will allow many different possibilities. At handover of the lift, a Railius team member will show you exactly how to use the controls of your lift.
  • What is the warranty of a Railglider?
    2 years parts and 1 year labour. We offer extended warranties for all our lifts and for this we recommend speaking to a Railius team member.
  • Does a Railglider have an automatic door?
    Yes. This is an option and can be selected at time of quotation.
  • What compliance does a Railglider have?
    Railgliders comply with the Australian lift code AS1735.
  • What features of a Railius Lift are customisable?
    Everything. The Railglider is designed to be an extension of your lifestyle. All options are considered and as long as they don’t effect the safety of your lift, we will be happy to customise your lift however you like.
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