The New Compact Twin Railglider

The Compact Twin Railglider by Railius is the lift that the industry has been calling out for. Two rails allow for greater stability, comfort, and speed whilst ensuring that safety is never compromised. 


Compact Twin Straight Top View.png
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Car Possibilities

Compact Twin Applications


Looking at the lift from above, the inline application is the most common. In most cases, a straight line can be found between multiple stations.

Compact Twin Straight Top View V3.0_Sing


The 'O' application stands for 'Overt' as this application is very common when accessing boatsheds or the water from uphill. The smooth transition sees access to the lowest level feel seamless.

Single Rail Overt Bend.png


Combining the Invert and Overt Applications of the Railglider, the Double Bend application sees the car stay level as the rail hugs the landscape. 

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The Straight Inline application is the simplest especially when no curves are involved. Travelling faster and smother than any product on the market, the Straight Inline application of the Railglider is the best way to access your lifestyle.

Single Rail Straight.png


Similar to the Single Bend 'O', the 'I' stands for 'Invert' and this application works perfectly for homes that are below street access. 

Single Rail Invert Bend.png


We know the Railglider has almost endless application potential. Is there a project that you have in mind and the application is not listed here? If so, get in touch and we are sure we can help you access your unique lifestyle.

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